Guide to Travel Nevada’s Rubies Route

When you think about Northeastern Nevada, green fields rush into the mind with snow covered mountains. The Ruby Mountain and the Lamoille Canyon are the untouched places with a large number of alpine lakes. So, if you are impressed with the Nevada’s Rubies Route then pack your back and start your tour today. Here is the guide for your tour: Book your tickets from Skip hire Glasgow

How to Get There?

The Rubies route is present within Elko County. If you are not using the road then you can fly within small Elko airport that is 80 km in Northeastern Nevada. Every day, two flights go to the Nevada with the Delta Airlines that connect in the Salt Lake City.

Where to Stay?

The Elko town has a large number of accommodation options and it is the best camp for the exploring. Elko is actually the 30 minutes drive from Lamoille Canyon start and nearly 50 minutes away from trailheads to the Ruby Mountains.

It is also 50 minutes drive away from wells town where you will get best Nevada beer and natural hot spring. The red lion hotel and casino are the 3-star hotels with highly inexpensive rooms and an outdoor pool. Some other high star hotels are Ramada Elko Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn Elko.

Where to Eat?

Pine Lodge: the hotel in Lamoille is one of the uniquely experienced hotels for the ones who want juicy steaks, friendly service and peaceful atmosphere.

Star hotel: you will always be recommended by the star hotel if you ask any local because it is one of the best options for the travelers who want high-end steakhouse within Elko.Aspen’s bar and grill: this is one of the most renowned restaurants due to the large variety of dishes it offers to its customers. Whether you want steak or you want a fish, you will get everything there.


4 Best Weekend Visiting Places in California

For all the tourists whether they have come from the world corners or they are the native Californians, the tough job is to plan the best weekend in California. It is quite hard to find out that which hotel to stay or which places to visit. So, here are the 4 best places you can visit in California on this weekend.

  1. Santa Barbara:

This is not hard to see that why people visit Santa Barbara once and they don’t want to leave it ever. This coastal city is much famous among the high-class foodies but the atmosphere is much easy to go. The walk along state streets and the rose gardens, cafes community and boutique shops – all are must-see places.

  1. Catalina Island:

On the Catalina Island, the only thing to do is to spend the entire weekend on the beach. But there are also some other places where you should spend most of the time. The best place for the tour in Catalina Island is the Catalina Casino or you can go for the hiking of Trans-Catalina Trail.

Even due to the small glitz of LA and its glam over the island, this is one of the best places where you can plan camping.


  1. Ventura:

Ventura is located on the coast between Malibu and Santa Barbara and it is the best sport for the surfer’s who like live music, better burritos and great bards. The Ventura is best known for the amazing sunset views it carries from the Serra Cross Park. It is also the two for one place as you can easily day trip to the Channel Island which is a few miles away from the coast.


  1. Solvang:

The old-fashioned village Solvang is located at the base of Santa Ynez Mountains and it is known as the Danish Capital of America. The hidden village is a complete replica of the Denmark town with Danish eateries and bakeries. This is one of the best ways to get the international experience without leaving your states.–v38hiM_CVEAoc2u49RoCfzTw_wcB